What to Expect During Your Nude Cleaning Session

What to Expect During Your Nude Cleaning Session

Nude cleaning can be a great experience and a very fun time, both for you and your cleaner. If you have never had the service before, it can be pretty difficult to imagine what to expect. It is a pretty awesome experience, but the majority of people have never actually done anything like it. A lot of people would love to try it out for themselves but are either confused as to how it actually works, or don’t understand it well enough to the point where they will be happy to dive in and give it a go. If you are one of those people who are intrigued by the idea and think it would be fun, well you do not need to worry, because here are some very simple tips that will allow you to have an idea on what to expect during your nude cleaning session.

Firstly, our Naturist cleaner will arrive and wait for you to give a run down on the work she should be doing. As it is your home being cleaned, you will probably have a list of things for her to day. The cleaners are not only beautiful, but are also very good cleaners, so if there are a few rooms you want to fix up, you can be sure they will bring practicality and hard work as well as the fun. You can prepare it beforehand, so that you don’t have to spend too much time explaining things, and so that she has more time to work!

Naturist cleaners work by the hour, with the rate for each hour of nude cleaning service being £65, and then £55 for every hour after the initial one. The minimum time period for each session is an hour. If you would like, you may also book a standard cleaning session which a naturist cleaner will perform fully clothed. This is £25 for the first hour, and £20 for any additional hour after that. This is only for jobs within a certain radius, however. If naturist cleaner is required to travel a long distance to reach your facility, then the minimum session time may be raised to at least 2 hours.

So baring these rules in mind, try to give her cleaning tasks that can be completed in the allotted time. As she cleans, you are free to do as you please. You can let her go about her business, or you can watch as she cleans. If you are a little worried and want to make sure the cleaner is comfortable, you can discuss with her beforehand during the briefing, and she will explain the process clearly to you so you can feel at ease.

You generally pay in advance, but it is also possible for you to pay the cleaner directly. However, in this case you still need to make a payment of at least 40% of the total price of the session at least 12 hours before hand via bank transfer or PayPal. Then, you will be able to pay the remaining balance in cash to the cleaner. We offer a guarantee that your bank statement will not show the name of our company or a description of the service you paid for.



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