A Video Interview from One of Our Clients

Laura: The UK’s leading naturist nude cleaning service. Back to beautiful nature. Sparkling countertops, faultless floors and a cleaning service that isn’t a chore.


Dainora: So, once we have the booking confirmed, our cleaner will text me that she’s on the way so I update the client. Then they have five, ten minutes induction time so that speaking is part of the policy and an important part of the booking. Then the client shows the house, they show where cleaning materials are, what the expectations for today so what rooms to clean, ironing as well, quite often clients ask us to iron. Yes, it’s very basic domestic cleaning as from a normal cleaning service.


Man: I work up and down the country so I’m quite often on the road so it’s difficult to have a life outside of work. I got an idea that it would be nice to come home to a clean house so I was looking for a cleaner but I saw an advert for this company and I thought that it looks quite amusing, that it looked quite good fun so I thought I’d make a booking.


I just sit in the apartment and wait for the people to turn up, then they turn up, have a cup of tea and then get on with the dusting.


I’ve booked a couple of times and they are very social people. The first time I booked it was a really great experience. We got on really well. It’s just a nice experience to have someone else in the apartment because it does get quiet sometimes.


I’m not a naturist, I’m not that sort of person but when the cleaner comes in, they’ll get undressed and we’ll have a chat and see what will make them more comfortable, would they be more comfortable if I were clothed or not? And it was quite surprising actually because any barriers you have with somebody, once the clothes come off, it was just pretty relaxed, it was great. You felt very much more at home with someone you never met before. I felt quite comfortable booking this because I knew what to expect. You know, there wouldn’t be any tension, wouldn’t be any expectations, just a little bit of eye candy around the house. You know, someone to chat to with a twist.



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