Why We Are Embracing Nude Appreciation

Why We Are Embracing Nude Appreciation

For years, society has embraced nude appreciation and there are few better examples of this than Venus de Milo, otherwise known as the Aphrodite de Milos. 

Venus de Milo is a statue of Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty, sculpted by Alexandros of Antioch. Exhibited in Louvre Museum in Paris, the marble statue stands at 6ft 8in and depicts an elegant topless woman with a discrete cloth draped over her lower body. In the time of the Ancient Greeks, she was the ideal of female beauty.

The statue’s value hasn’t diminished with time. The American Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons Inc used the image for their seal, showing that admiration for the female form is not only present but stronger than ever. Whereas the ancient civilisations carved women’s bodies into marble or stone, today we see it in advertising, in films, in music and in companies like ours that embrace naturism.

Naturism is defined as ‘the worship of nature or natural objects’. The female body is one of the most natural figures in the world and its image has been cherished for thousands of years. Naturist Cleaners embraces the beauty of the naked form by offering a professional nude cleaning and ironing service with beautiful cleaners who perform their work naked. Unfortunately, even in today’s society, there is still some taboo around naturism. That’s why we present a service where our clients can watch our beautiful naked cleaners in the peace of their own home or office without any shame. While the rest of the world catches up to the fact that there shouldn’t be any stigma with wanting to see a naked human body, Naturist Cleaners provides a safe and comfortable environment to embrace it.

Currently, we provide a nude cleaning and a nude ironing service and all the details are on our website. We are not an escort service – we just grant the opportunity to watch and admire nude people clean while enjoying their company. This is just the beginning though and we plan to expand to naked waitressing, naked exercise sessions, among other activities. It’s all in the pipeline – just stay tuned. To find out when we will be offering new services and to never miss a Naturist Cleaner blog post, sign up for our newsletter below and share the nude appreciation with us.



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