Naked Pilates: What to expect from a class of Pilates in the nude

Pilates seems to be everywhere at the moment. You may or may not have tried it but you’ve certainly heard of it. Naturist Cleaners are featuring our own spin on this form of exercise by offering naked Pilates classes with one of our professional cleaners, Pasha, who is also an experienced Pilates teacher. The classes are currently available in London, Surrey and Sussex.

The idea of doing naked Pilates may be a bit daunting but there are plenty of benefits for doing Pilates, whether it’s fully-clothed or completely naked.

  • Increases flexibility.
  • Improves posture.
  • Strengthens muscles, especially in the core and the back.
  • Helps build muscle balance.
  • Prevents musculoskeletal injuries.
  • Helps manage stress and increases relaxation.


You may be asking yourself: isn’t it awkward doing Pilates with a group of strangers completely naked? Whether it feels awkward or not largely depends on the instructor’s attitude and how he or she acts around nakedness. Our instructor is also a naked cleaner and so is entirely at ease when she’s in the nude. She’s also been giving Pilates classes for years so is qualified and experienced at what she does. Her easy approach to being nude and her competence in Pilates immediately sets a comfortable and friendly atmosphere, so while it may feel a bit strange for you in the beginning – especially if you’re new to naked Pilates – you will soon relax.

It’s worth remembering that even though it’s naked Pilates, you don’t have to be naked. We encourage you to push your limits and try it, but if you feel uncomfortable being completely nude, then you can still try out the naked Pilates class fully clothes.

Whether you want to try our naked Pilates class for a sense of liberation that comes from being nude or simply for the novelty experience, then our classes are open to you. Don’t worry about your Pilates level – we accept members from all levels, from beginner up to advanced.


For more information, send us a message through our contact us page and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Prices and availability will be sent on request.