Newsletter (August)

After a busy July and an exciting August ahead, I’m so happy for a moment to sit down and send you this newsletter with a few things that I thought were worth sharing this month.

1 – We have officially launched our 2019 Naturist Cleaners calendar. It’s been selling like hot cakes but there are still a few left available through our site. What can you expect from our Naturist Cleaners calendar? Why, lots of nude photos of our lovely naked cleaners!

2 – The reasons behind booking a nude cleaner may not be what you think. After some feedback from our clients as well as our own views, here’s why you should book a nude cleaner.

3 – This woman reveals the secrets of being a nude cleaner and we think it’s great.

4 – We are already booking up fast for August – there’s something about this summer weather that’s making everyone want spotless homes! We can definitely see the naked appeal of these hot sunny days though. If you are looking to book with us this month, get in touch through our website and we will try to schedule your preferred time, date and nude cleaner.

5 – A lot of people want to try nude cleaning but don’t know what to expect. You’re unsure if you need to be naked or not, can you watch, do you need to be in the same room, when does the cleaner take off her clothes…we get these questions all the time and we love to help our clients feel more comfortable and clued up about their first nude cleaning experience. To clear up all your doubts, here’s what to expect during your naked cleaning session and here’s an interview with a professional nude cleaner to give you the perspective from the other side.

Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed this newsletter and want to support it, then feel free to forward it to a friend, share our website or purchase one of our 2019 Naturist Cleaners calendars.