Why Barcelona Should Be On Your Bucket List

Barcelona should be on everyone’s bucket list. This beautiful and cultural place is full of plenty of tourist attractions. It has incredible sites and has a vibrant, yet peaceful feel. Those that have visited Barcelona fell in love with it and are always eager to visit again. But why should naturists, in particular, put Barcelona on their bucket list? 

Barcelona Boasts of 2 Beautiful Nudist Beaches

Any beach in Barcelona is stunning, with the surroundings of the Mediterranean sea. These beaches have an amazing atmosphere. During the peak of summer, they get busy with tourists. Most of the year the beach has a mixture of locals and tourists. You will not find the beach unbearably busy, but the right mixture of atmosphere and peace. Barcelona has two nudist beaches, which are worth a trip to. 

The first is Mar Bella Beach, which is on the Northern end of Barceloneta. 

Mar Bella beach welcomes everyone, and is especially popular with the LBGT population. A large sand dune separates the segments of beach, leaving an area dedicated to nudists. The beach has a sports pavilion, a shower, public restrooms, restaurants and kiosks. 

The tall grass gives off a natural, yet secluded feel to the beach. The beach has enough area for you to enjoy a walk along. After sunbathing, you can venture over to the main beach. The main beach has an array of water sports and beach sports for a fun packed day. 

The second nudist beach in Barcelona is San Sebastia Beach. 

This beach is down the southern end of Barceloneta. This beach is special as it is one of the oldest, most traditional beaches in Barcelona. Surfers are a popular crowd here. The southern end of this beach reserves a special area for naturists. There are nearby restaurants and bars. 

Barcelona and Sightseeing

If you travel down via a cable car from park Montjuic, you will be able to spot San Sebastia beach on the right side. Montjuic is Treasure Mountain. This is due to the vast array of tourist attractions there to see. 

In Montjuic, you can find what’s known as ‘The Cursed Castle’. You can explore the Olympic Ring then visit the sensational art museums. Finish off with a breathtaking display at the magic fountain. 

Barcelona has an impressive nightlife. The city’s neighbourhoods are full of nightclubs, bars, pubs and terraces. For an unforgettable night out, be sure to visit one. 

Close to Barcelona’s city centre, is Spain’s most popular theme park; Port AventuraWorld. It boasts of hotels, a water park, a golf course and beach club. So, whilst you are visiting, make sure to take a trip to this impressive theme park. 

Make Barcelona Your Next Holiday

What are you waiting for? Barcelona is full of sights to see. It has museums full of history and art, a nightlife to be experienced and two of the best nudist beaches in Europe.