What are your rates and prices?
An hourly rate for our nude cleaning service provided by one nude cleaner is £65 for the 1st hour. The booking for more hours after that is £55 per hour. The minimum booking time is 1 hour. However, the time may vary based on your location as our nude cleaner may have to commute a long distance in order to reach you. In this instance, the booking time may be at-least 2 hours.
The fully clothed cleaning service can be booked for the minimum of 2 hours for £55 and £25 for any additional hour.

Can I pay in cash to the cleaner?
Yes, you can, but an advance booking fee of 40% of the total price has to be made via bank transfer or PayPal, this has to be cleared 12 hours before the cleaning day. The rest of the payment can be made to a cleaner on the day in cash. We guarantee that the bank statement will not show our company’s name and the service’s name.

Can I book more than one cleaner?
Yes, you can have two or more nude or fully clothed cleaners if you fancy that.

What if I don’t like the cleaner?
We assure you that you will find our cleaners very likeable. All our cleaners are very professional and friendly. Moreover, before booking your appointment we ask for all the preferences that you may have regarding your cleaner. After that, we will email you the pictures of our cleaners which fit your given preferences. Only when you agree, to the cleaner of your choice, the cleaner shall arrive to your house.

Do I have to supply the cleaning materials and accessories?
Yes, you do have to provide all the cleaning materials and accessories. We advise our naturist cleaners to only have their slippers and gloves.

Do you have photos of specific cleaners in my area?
We do not have photos of our cleaners on our website for confidentiality reasons. Although, we can email you photos of recommended cleaners by your described preferences.

Which areas do you cover in the UK?
We provide our services throughout the UK. But you can contact us about your area just to make sure that we operate there or not.

Do you provide any other services besides domestic help?
No, we just provide nude cleaning service and fully-clothed domestic cleaning service.

Can I touch your cleaning service provider?
No, it is strictly against our professional policies. You cannot touch our nude cleaners or those fully clothed at all. We take the safety of our cleaner as a priority.

What is the minimum notice period do you need for the booking?
We ask you to give us at least 24 hours’ notice before the booking so that we can provide you with the cleaners that are according to your preferences.

Can I contact your cleaner in private?
For your own confidentiality and security, we strongly advise you to never give your contact details to our cleaners or hire them directly. If such arrangements are being made without our knowledge, then we cannot guarantee the quality of the services she will be providing you. In this case, we also will not take any liability and responsibility for leaked information and your own security.

Can I take pictures and videos of your cleaners?
No, you absolutely cannot record videos or take photos of our nude or fully clothed cleaners. This is strictly against our confidentiality policies. You can just watch her do her work.


If you have any other questions please get in touch with Naturist Cleaners and we will be most pleased to help you.