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An Expert Interview About Naturist Cleaning

If you’re new the whole naturist concept, let alone the naturist cleaning concept, you might be a bit confused on what it’s actually all about. Some of you may be thinking ‘well, what is naturist cleaning?’, ‘how does it work?’ and probably about a million other questions.

After all, naturist cleaning isn’t something you come across very often! So, instead of just ranting on and on about what naturist cleaning is and how it works, we’ve enlisted the help of a professional.

Today, we’re here with Amanda, 32 years old and said she’d be happy to share her experiences with us. She’s been a naturist for the majority of her life and has been a naturist cleaner for just over a year now!

Here’s how our interview unfolded!

NC: Hey Amanda, thank you for joining us, a pleasure to have you come in and speak to us! How are you?

A: It’s my pleasure, thank you for having me!

NC: So, let’s us cut to straight to the point, can you help our readers understand what naturism is all about?

A: Of course! Naturism, to me, is a source of complete freedom. It’s where I can strip down to me just being me. I always find that wearing clothes comes with judgments in society.

Maybe it’s from social pressures, or the trends set by fashion labels, I don’t know. But what I do know is that I feel completely comfortable in my own skin, and I feel at ease. Then, when you meet up with other naturists, it’s just any other time that you would meet up with your friends!

NC:  Do you find that many people misconceive this feeling of freedom for being sexual?

A: Oh of course! Almost all the time! However, this isn’t the case at all. When I first introduced some of my friends to naturism, they were very apprehensive about how they were going to feel, especially my male friends.

They thought it was going to be super embarrassing if they found themselves sexually aroused by another woman who was naked, but this wasn’t the case at all! I think most people have this image in their head that naturism is a very sexual concept, but one of the biggest surprises is how opposite that idea is. As I said, it’s just like hanging out with your friends if you were clothed, but feeling a lot more comfortable!

NC: So, what got you into naturism yourself?

A: That’s a very interesting story! It was actually one of the girls I went to college with when I was in my teenage years. She used to go to naturist meetups that they ran through the college and like I was just saying, I always thought it was a big sexual meetup, you know what I mean.

One day, she invited me to come along and see what it was all about. Granted, at first, I was extremely nervous, like, how was I supposed to act? She said that I could meet a lot of really nice, new people and I was thinking, how am I going to speak to a man without staring at his privates!

This wasn’t the case at all though. I went, and I was introduced to the group in a forest just on the outside of town. We sat and chatted with a couple of people, some of the guys were playing football, and every just sat around and relaxed while being social. I felt really comfortable and was speaking to a guy in my college whose parents were naturists and therefore he had been for his entire life.

He asked how I felt and I replied with something along the lines of feeling kind of free and at ease. He said that’s what it was all about and ever since I’ve been hooked on feeling that comfortable!

NC: Well, that’s the feeling we all know and love! So, what made you get specifically into cleaning, let alone naturist cleaning?

A: Well, I’ve always been a bit of a clean freak and found tidying up my room or home quite a rewarding thing to do. I’ve never really seen it as a chore, put it that way!

Since joining the naturist club, I’ve always cleaned naked and wondered how many people shared my views, especially when I had left college, got my own place and moved away from my hometown!

From the moment I moved into my own place, I’ve always cleaned naked. It was like my Sunday ritual of waking up, having breakfast, obviously nude, and then started tidying up my house from top to bottom. I found it hugely rewarding.

It wasn’t until about a year or so ago when I discovered Naturist Cleaners and had to sign myself up!

NC: So, to all our readers who aren’t familiar with naturist cleaning, what would you tell them about it?

A: It’s great! But obviously, I’m going to say that!

NC: Of course!

A: But no, for anybody who hasn’t tried naturist cleaning before, just give it go! Personally, I love how much of connection you get with a client, especially someone who hasn’t done it before.

Of course, the client doesn’t have to get naked, you only go as far as you feel comfortable, but I’ll normally go about the house cleaning the rooms that I’ve been asked to clean, much like your typical cleaner, but we’ll also have a nice chat and cup of tea while I’m there.

It’s really nice to see repeating clients come out of their shell after the first visit and you’ll see them become so much more confident and just like the guy at college, I’ll ask about how they feel and whether they feel free and they’ll have a little think about and they’ll usually quite shocked at how comfortable and positive they feel when they’re not wearing clothes!

It’s amazing how much of a difference it can make and how much more in-tune with that other person you are! It’s like seeing an old friend!

NC: Well, thank you so much for that Amanda, it’s been a pleasure to be speaking with you, and hopefully, if we get any questions from our readers, we’ll have you back on to answer them!

A: That would be great! Thank you for having me! Take care!



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