Our company prides itself in the excellent customer service it provides. We are a professional company, which is why our customers are fully satisfied with what we offer. Our cleaners are trained and experienced, and they will make your house sparkle. Naturist Cleaners are one of UK’s leading naturist cleaning service provider. This is why we make extra efforts so that we live up to our good name.
Since we are very serious about the confidentiality of our clients, we cannot reveal their names or any other detail. All the reviews that we have had are excellent, and you can take our word for it. Most of our clients have become regular customers because they are pleased with our exceptional services.

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Naturist Cleaners
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by Jon on Naturist Cleaners

Had a lovely cleaning and ironing session with Sia. She is a long serving member of your team and was a great pleasure to work and chat with. We completed lots of things my regular cleaner never has time for along with having an excellent intelligent conversation. Her body is gorgeous and a pleasure to be with.

Thank you Jon for your kind feedback 🙂

by Zak on Naturist Cleaners

Had Rachael around for a 2hr cleaning meet. She did a fantastic job cleaning my house, and very easy to get along with and a lovely body. Even though this was her first cleaning job she wasn't nervous and will be booking again.
Thanks Rach

Thank you, Zak, for kind feedback about our cleaner Rachael!

by Chris on Naturist Cleaners

Had a great clean with Fiona fi as she’s known . Pictures do not do her justice gorgeous body as amazing to watch and help clean have already rebooked

Hi Chris. Thank you for your feedback. We will pass it on to Fiona 🙂

by John on Naturist Cleaners

Had Mia over to clean my flat for the third time. Really enjoy her company. Not only is she gorgeous she also works really hard and does a fabulous job. Plenty to talk about really intelligent and she works really hard. My flat looks new after she leaves. Thank you Mia.

Thank you, John, for your feedback. We will pass it on to Mia

by James on Naturist Cleaners

Dixie came round last week and did a wonderful job cleaning my flat. She said this was her first nude cleaning job, but given the quality of her work and her absolutely incredible figure (and stunning looks) I'm sure there will be plenty more jobs for her in the future! 5*

by Paul on Naturist Cleaners

Just spent a very enjoyable 2 hrs with Jenifer. Not only was her ironing technique, spot on, her warm personality and great conversation was a joy. She is extremely attractive with a stunning figure and she made me feel so at ease. I will definitely book again.

by Freddie on Naturist Cleaners

I have booked Scarlet a few times now. She lights the room up when she enters it. Her cleaning is spot on. We talk about about everything. She is a very intelligent young woman with a lovely warm personality. It's always a pleasure to be in her company . She is a credit to NC. And she is very pretty. 100000000000000000/10

by Freddie on Naturist Cleaners

I have had the pleasure of Laura (cleaner) cleaning my home several times. She always does a great job. We talk a lot whilst she is cleaning. In fact we never stop talking, and we do talk about everything. Laura is a beautiful and lovely young woman with a warm personality. It's always a pleasure too see her. Looking forward to our next booking.

by Freddie on Naturist Cleaners

I have seen Vicky a couple of times since my last posting. Such a lovely young woman. She is always smiling, she really is! You could never be unhappy in her company. Her cleaning is spot on. She is great to talk to. Vicky is a very beautiful young woman. Will be seeing her again soon.

by Fredddie on Naturist Cleaners

I have seen Red a couple of times recently. What a lovely girl. Her cleaning is amazing. My home is sparkling after she has been. We chat a lot to each about everything. I have learnt a lot from her. She has a lovely warm personality and is very easy too get on with. Red is a very pretty young woman. 1000000000000000/10

by Freddie on Naturist Cleaners

Just want to say a big THANK YOU to Laura (owner of NC) for providing me with lovely cleaners in 2017. From my very first cleaner, she and I were both new to NC. She did a great cleaning job and was excellent company, as have all the other lovely ladies been since. What a great concept. Amazing Cleaning & Great Conversations. Your cleaners have all been amazing and are always a pleasure to be with.

Thank you Freddie for your kind feedback

by Cleo on Naturist Cleaners

Today was the second time that Cleo has come round for a clothes-free clean, and once again she did a fantastic job. Furthermore she is very kind and easy to talk to, and with a wonderful figure and gorgeous looks.

Couldn't recommend highly enough!

by RYAN on Naturist Cleaners

Booked Amelia today for my first nude cleaner experience she was everything i wanted gorgeous great body and conversation was good and she did a lovely job very professional would definitely recommend and cant wait to book again x

by Peter on Naturist Cleaners

First time booking with naturist cleaners and Sarah came. I was not all disappointed as she was excellent, she's so professional, lovely company and to to top it all beautiful. End result my house especially my wardrobe has never looked better. I immediately rebooked her. Well done Laura

by Tony on Naturist Cleaners

I booked Jen for my first clothes free clothes free appointment today and she proved to be exceptional. Not only is she an incredibly beautiful lady with the most amazing figure but she is also a very good conversationalist. We talked about many subjects, including my own strange shyness at the thought of getting totally nude in public situations such as beaches etc. Having been nude with Jen today I feel much more confident that "if she can do it then so can I". I shall definitely try a nude beach next summer so that is great personal progress for me.

Her work was alo very good indeed and she did a fine cleaning job for me, completing all the tasks I asked her to do to my complete satisfaction..

If I was to "rate" her overall then I would happily give her a 10/10 score. I will certainly be in touch with you to make future appointments.

by pete on Naturist Cleaners

Another very enjoyable visit from Adele today. House looks sparkling as always, thoroughly enjoyed chatting to her, and also enjoyed seeing her lovely curvy body.

See you again soon, Adele.

by John on Naturist Cleaners

Today Mia came round to clean. Delightful women very intelligent and a great conversationalist. She did a a great cleaning work. Not affraid of hard work great work ethic. Put me totally at ease as I was new to this and didn't know what to expect. Will be booking her again. Lovely sparkling house. Thank you Mia.

by Freddie on Naturist Cleaners

Just had a great 2 hours with Stella (Manchester). Her cleaning was perfect. Stella is a very happy, bubbly and intelligent young woman. We talked about everything. The 2 hours flew by. I can't wait to book Stella again. 100000000000000000/10 Best wishes Freddie xxx

by Freddie on Naturist Cleaners

Had a great 2 hour booking with Rose (Manchester) in Liverpool tonight. What a lovely woman. She did some great ironing and tidying up. Conversation was the best. We talked about everything. Rose made me at ease. She is a beautiful woman. I will certainly book Rose again. Luv Freddie xxxx

by Freddie on Naturist Cleaners

I have re-booked Red a couple of more times since my last testimonial. Red is like a ray of Sunshine coming into your home. She is always happy and always smiling. She makes my home sparkle with her cleaning. Red is a great conversationalist. We talk about everything, and I can tell Red anything. Nothing is off topic. Red is a very beautiful young woman and she is always a pleasure to be with. I have already made my next cleaning booking. I have to make my home (a little) dirty as an excuse to book Red. 1000000000000000000000/10. Love Freddie xxxx

by John Doe on Naturist Cleaners

Had Mia around for the second time, very sweet girl, great cleaner and great company. Another pleasant booking from Naturist Cleaners 🙂

by Fred Fullerton on Naturist Cleaners

Had a nice 4 hour booking with Red the other day. A big thank you to Laura for organising the booking. Red is a wonderful, nice, genuine and lovely person. Red can hold her own in any conversation. She is very intelligent and a pleasure to be with. Her cleaning was excellent. My flat was sparkling (after her cleaning). She is always smiling. Red is a very beautiful young woman who I will certainly be booking again. i rate Red 5 stars or 10000000000000/10.Best wishes Freddie xxxx

by Fred Fullerton on Naturist Cleaners

Would like to say a big thank you to Laura for her wonderful cleaning ladies. Laura is always very helpful when setting up a booking, nothing is too much trouble for her which I really appreciate. Sometimes I have to re-arrange a booking, and again nothing is too much trouble for Laura. Thank you for everything. 10/10 Best wishes Freddie xxx

by Fred Fullerton on Naturist Cleaners

Recently Laura set up a booking for me with Rose (Kettering). Rose is a delight. Rose is a very happy, genuine, sincere and lovely woman. Her cleaning was excellent. Had a great 2 hours chatting away. 10/10

by Fred Fullerton on Naturist Cleaners

Met Vicky today . What an amazing woman . She is so beautiful . She has a radiant infectious smile Her cleaning was very spot on. We had a great conversation. She was a joy to be with . Will definitely book her again for sure 10000000000000/10

by Peter on Naturist Cleaners

I have booked Anna 3 times now she is such a great worker, and always such a pleasant young lady always does a good job. I can’t wait until her next visit .

by Richard Lodge on Naturist Cleaners

Nadia arrived on time for My first experience of naturist cleaners. The experience was amazing, I hope to request another visit from Nadia again soon. I look forward to requesting the Naturist cleaners again, after all the whole process is So easy and every body a delight to deal with, Thanks every one for Your service.

by Freddie on Naturist Cleaners

Booked a two hour nude cleaning session via Laura... bit apprehensive but what a great experience, met Cezara from London, what a beautiful woman, and so friendly from the start which put me straight at ease, her conversation was just the best. We chatted about everything, and she was so attentive to the cleaning and and the ironing and making sure she did a great job with everthing.... cant fault the experience. Cezara was so professional and committed to doing a great job... Excellent..10/10 Looking forward to seeing her again. Love Freddie xxxx

by chris on Naturist Cleaners

Meet with lisa today. She was polite and very beautiful. Her work was to a very high standard and is a credit to naturist cleaners will defiantly book again

by Freddie on Naturist Cleaners

Saw my favourite cleaner Rose this evening. She is always very hard working and does a great job, and is so nice to talk to.

I have met other ladies who are also wonderful, but Rose is my favourite. Thank you to Laura for her lovely cleaners.

Love Freddie xxxx

by Nick on Naturist Cleaners

Had a visit from Mia who not only was beautiful with a lovely personality but very good and committed to the cleaning. Will certainly ask for her again. Many thks for the brilliant service

by Mark on Naturist Cleaners

Booked a two hour clothes free session via Laura... bit apprehensive but what a great experience, met Rose from Northampton, she was so friendly from the start and put me straight at ease,her conversation was just the best.. just chatted about everything, and she was so attentive to the cleaning and making sure she did a great job... cant fault the experience, will definitely book again, Rose from Northampton was so professional and committed to doing a great job... Excellent..

by Edward on Naturist Cleaners

Pasha. Such an amazinge lady its impossible to do her justice in words. A stunningly beautiful woman with a personality to match. Great company,great cleaning and a fabulous body. What a combination. Wow.

by Peter on Naturist Cleaners

had my first visit today from Adele. A delightful lady who spent an hour cleaning and tidying my house whilst naked. Such a pleasant lady to chat to, and with a lovely curvy figure which I could not help but admire. I will definitely book her again.

Thank you Adele.

by Andy on Naturist Cleaners

Had such a wonderful experience. Booking was simple, quick and very courteous. My cleaner Belle was exceptional, professional, friendly & chatty. She happily undressed and offered for me to do the same without hesitation or judgement.
She was excellent company and very pretty with an infectious smile, overall just a top notch experience and effective cleaning service.

by David on Naturist Cleaners

Just want to say how wonderful Sophie is. She arrived on time, she is beautiful and has a lovely body. Great fun to talk to and did a wonderful job cleaning my windows for me. Highly recommended.

by Martin Fern on Naturist Cleaners

A wonderful concept, beautifully done. The booking with Laura was easy and pleasant. I was excited but nervous waiting for Francisca, but not for long after she arrived. She was outstanding. Very high standards of cleanliness and wonderful company for two idyllic hours A massive thank you to a really delightful and beautiful lady, Francisca.

by John on Naturist Cleaners

A first time client but my wife had been away, so thought it would be a nice surprise if she came home to a clean house plus selfishly thought I would enjoy the experience:-) so I contacted Laura. Was emailed a selection of about 6 ladies who were on my area. Selection was made , time and date confirmed for a 2 hour appointment, and booking fee paid.
The lady who I chose was Mia. She arrived promptly and once fee was exchanged and a tour of the house done, she went to get undressed.
I explained I wasn’t sure if I was going to join her in disrobing, but within 20 minutes felt comfortable in doing so.
Mia seemed the genuinely enjoy cleaning and soon the house was sparkling. She was easy to talk to and fun to be around. At no point was there any awkwardness. I had to convince her to stop and sit down for the last 15 mins ...it was lovely just sitting chatting to her...plus she is absolutely stunning.
Will be using their services again ..it was fun plus loads of brownie points from the wife when she returned to a gleaming house ! Of course I took all the credit ...Thanks Mia !!

by Frank on Naturist Cleaners

Booked Maya for an hour at the weekend. Friendly personality and lady. She cleaned, was polite and interesting and a pleasure to be with and lovely to watch.

by PF on Naturist Cleaners

I had the pleasure of using this service couple of times and I must say it’s been a great experience and it’s A class service. I had the honour of meeting a cleaner called “Mia” she is a wonderful person polite and intelligent. did an amazing job. I will certainly ask for her again.
Thank you, Mia, for a great job. 21/05/18

by Sam on Naturist Cleaners

I have been a client of Naturist Cleaners for some time but I just meet Viki today in London. What a beautiful, friendly lady. All of the company’s cleaners are friendly but she took it to another level. Thanks Viki!

by Jon on Naturist Cleaners

I’ve been lucky to be able to book Scarlet twice for 1 hour nude cleans, she is such good company, really down to earth intelligent and extremely beautiful, will definitely be booking Scarlet again very soon.

by darren on Naturist Cleaners

A young lady Cat clean my house very helpful amazing job of some glass shades we worked together living room spotless tenant much appreciated difference made thanks Cat&Laura for providing service see you soon Darren

by John on Naturist Cleaners


by Andy on Naturist Cleaners

Yesterday evening Stella came to clean for me, at the time of writing she is a new cleaner in the Manchester area. Stella is absolutely delightful and cannot be faulted. Such an amazingly warm, smiling, bubbly, chatty personality; even though this was her first clean, from the moment she walked through my door we hit it off straight away, she was so friendly and at ease and genuinely pleased to be visiting me.

Physically Stella has an unbelievably stunning slim figure, she is very attractive with a gorgeous, beautifully proportioned body. Even though this was her first booking she happily removed her clothes without hesitation, and was completely comfortable both with her own nudity and mine. What a privilege to enjoy the naked form of this beauty for an hour, as well as getting some of my cleaning done – which she did very well.

A truly memorable evening, thank you Stella, I'm working as hard as I can to make my house a little dirty again so I can invite you back to do some more nude cleaning for me!

by Jon on Naturist Cleaners

Although Sam was fairly new to the role she was able to settle my first time client nerves. Straight away she undressed and asked if I was also going to undress. Of course, I was happy to comply. I had chosen a mature cleaner as at my age I would be more at ease. We had a delightful two hours as we worked together on my suggested tasks. She had a great body and was happy with me joining her naked. The time flew by as we chatted happily away, all the time me enjoying her close nudity. All in all a very pleasurable experience and well organised by Laura.

by Andrew on Naturist Cleaners

A very professional cleaning service provided by Sam. My first experience of having a naturist cleaner and can highly recommend this company and cleaner. The communications from the company and arrangements for the cleaning service were excellent. Clearly a customer focused business. I had contracted Sam to provide a 2 hours cleaning service which was to an exceptionally high standard . Sam is a professional cleaner by trade too and clearly showed. Sam was very easy to talk to and throughout the 2 hours the conversation easily flowed with lively discussions. A service I will be booking again.

by Allan on Naturist Cleaners

Highly recommend services, the time spent with Jay was great, seemed a bit quiet at first, but soon warmed from the cold outside. Time well spent.

by Allan on Naturist Cleaners

This has been my third time with naturist cleaners and would highly recommend every lady I've met to date. Each has brought their own personality to the fore and have not been disappointed with any of the service provided. Thanks for the great professionalism provided in every manor. My last experience has been with Mia, a lady who's physical beauty equates to her personality, the 3 hours spent with her passed by too quickly, looking forward to out next encounter. Thanks to Laura as well, for the excellence she brings to the it all.

by Tim on Naturist Cleaners

Lou has just done a 2 hour clean at my house , she done a excellent job now the house is clean and tidy ready for Christmas, also Laura was very good in finding me Lou.

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