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The Insider’s Guide to Nude Cleaning

As the concept of Naturist Cleaning starts to take off in and around the UK, it comes as no surprise that many people from coast to coast are starting to raise a few eyebrows, chuckle to themselves or start to get a little bit warm and red in the cheeks.

To many, the very concept of nude cleaning is mindboggling. Someone, a complete stranger, coming into your house or any given morning, or afternoon, and carrying out simple yet highly essential tasks such as dusting down your worktops, hoovering your carpets and fluffing up your pillows. But in the nude.

That’s right, no clothes on at all.

So, is this a service that you would want to use? Can anybody get involved? How does it work? Is this a sexual thing or are simply hiring a cleaner? To answer all your questions, we’ve teamed up with our resident cleaners Scott and Sarah to give you the complete insider’s guide to nude cleaning.

What is Nude Cleaning?

Nude cleaning, as it may come as no surprise, is cleaning in the nude. As outlandish as this may sound, if you’ve heard of the concept of naturism, then you’re already halfway there. Naturism, officially defined, is the practice of being completely naked/nude in a designated place.

But why would people want to do that? In short, it’s liberating.

“From when I was a teenager, and I joined Sixth Form at school, everybody stopped wearing their compulsory school uniforms and started to wear their own clothes. However, even from the first day, all students started to judge each other on what they wore” shares Scott from his personal experience.

“If people were more well-off from others, well, if their parents were, they would be wearing designer labels which kind of made them feel like they were better than everyone else. I found it really unfair and, while I wasn’t really the subject of any bullying, it was painful and uncomfortable to witness.”

This feeling of being judged filters through into all aspects of life. Whether you’re being bombarded by images of photoshopped celebrities telling you how you should look, down any average high street where you’ll see similar images in shop windows and magazine covers or even in your own home on the internet, smartphone or your television set.

Which is exactly where naturism comes. Instead of focusing on what somebody is wearing, and instantly, most of the time unconsciously, judging them for the type of person they are, naturists are able to free themselves from the shackles of these judgements, enabling them to focus on the more important aspects of relationships, such as having connectable conversations and getting to know their friends and family on a more personal level.

So, taking it back to Naturist Cleaning, a nude cleaner is simply someone who shares these beliefs and provides a cleaning service to people who are interested in naturism, or a naturist themselves, and want to enjoy both the benefits of being free from judgements and having a clean home.

Who are the Naturist Cleaners?

Naturist cleaners can be anyone and everywhere. They could be any member of your family, your best friend, your work colleague down the hall, your postman, the last person you made eye contact with or even just a stranger walking past you down the street.

Of course, there are rules and regulations that apply. Legally, you must be above the age of 21 for obvious reasons, but apart from that, you could be anywhere between the ages of 21 and 100+, male or female and, of course, the safety of the cleaners is rigorously maintained at all times through vetting procedures and GPS tracking.

What Can I Expect by Using a Naturist Cleaner?

If it’s your first time using a naturist cleaner, or you wanted to become a naturist cleaner yourself, it’s safe to say that you’ll be apprehensive about what actually happens when the job takes place. Sarah, a resident naturist cleaner who’s been with the company for several months, shares her experience.

“I remember my first job like it was yesterday! I turned up, and the client had never used a naturist cleaner before either so we were both first timers, so to speak. Of course, client confidentiality is maintained at all times so I won’t share the details, but I will say he was nervous, to say the least.

When I got into the house, I introduced myself, and we started off by doing a tour of the house. As I was shown around, we were talking about his interest in naturism, and he told me a few of his friends were naturists, but he had never found the courage to do it himself, a very common concern of most people.

So, when he discovered Naturist Cleaning, he thought it would give it a shot to see what it thought. I got nude, and at first, he was a bit taken aback. After all, it’s not every day you have a completely naked stranger in your house. But we continued to chat after he gave me the list of things that he wanted cleaning and we got talking about all the naturist experiences his friends had told him about and about the love for freedom and liberation that I got from it.

Although he didn’t get nude the first time, by my second visit, he was so much more confident and said he had been practising all week! As I went around the house, we chatted in passing; I went about my jobs why he went about his and had some lovely conversations about subjects he said we simply would have with anybody else, not even some of his closest friends, which he loved!”

The Bottom Line

Firstly, we’d like to thank Scott and Sarah for taking the time to share their experiences with us and for the insight they’ve given us in Naturist Cleaning. As you can see for yourself, there’s nothing funky, outlandish or crazy about nude cleaning. The core principles are all about being yourself, being free and comfortable in your skin.



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