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My Cleaner is a Nudist!

Ever thought about hiring a cleaner to polish, vacuum and tidy your home – to do all these chores whilst being stark naked? Well the fantasy is now a reality, thanks to Laura, who has started a naturist cleaning company where the cleaners perform their tasks in the nude and if the client also wants to strip off and join in with the nudity that’s perfectly OK! Laura got the idea when being asked to clean by a gentleman, who being a dedicated nudist, asked if he could be naked whilst Laura was cleaning. Laura couldn’t see a problem with that and from then on, every time she cleaned the man’s home he was nude. It definitely wasn’t a sexual thing she explained. He just liked being naked in his own home, and didn’t want to cover up just because I was there cleaning. Eventually, Laura got the idea that there may be a gap in the market for a proper naturist cleaning company where the cleaners and the clients have the option to be naked. Her first task was to find cleaners who were prepared to clean in the nude, and apart from her nudist client, didn’t know any other naturists, so she advertised for naturist cleaners and to her surprise got a positive response, and after building her own website and doing some marketing, her business was up and running. Nudist UK was understandably intrigued by Laura’s business, and wanted to know the answers to certain questions, such as Do the clients ever become a nuisance while the cleaners perform their duties? and Do you have many female clients?
Nudist UK caught up with Laura over a cup of coffee:-

Nudist UK:- Hi Laura, first of all thanks for meeting us, we know how busy you are.
Laura:- Hi that’s okay, no problem
Nudist UK:- When the gentleman who originally suggested this business was naked whilst you were cleaning, did you find it awkward, or was it difficult to look at him?
Laura:- No not at all. I am not a nudist myself, but I have a healthy outlook on nudity, and besides I’ve seen it all before and can cope with it no problem. In fact, the gentleman concerned was the best client I ever had, he was so friendly, and we had some interesting discussions about different things in life.
Nudist UK:- Did answer the door in the nude, or have a dressing gown on or something?Laura:- No he was respectful about the neighbours and would be wearing clothes when he answered the door. He did try to convince me to become a naturist, and would tell me that it was amazing to be nude, the feeling of freedom and liberty, but I didn’t.
Nudist UK:- Did he ever ask for Extras or anything like that?
Laura:- No, never.
Laura:- Then he was asking me to consider employing some else to clean for him who would be willing to work naked which gave me the idea for the business.
Nudist UK:- So what was the next step, did you find yourself starting to clean in the nude?
Laura:- No, and I haven’t done so. I am not a naturist. But I started to place adverts for naturist cleaners for potential nudist houses, and there was quite a lot of female interest for this kind of work.
Nudist UK:- So were you looking at the idea of a naturist cleaner combined with a nudist household?
Laura:- Sort of. There are three services; one with the client nude and one with the cleaner naked, or a combination if required.
Nudist UK:- A sort of tiered service?
Laura:- Yes, but in no way an adult service, we don’t offer anything else. Whether it’s nude cleaning, or clothed, the client gets a proper genuine cleaning service.
Nudist UK:- So as far as the client is concerned, do they follow the cleaner around the house, what if they get too close to the naked cleaner?
Laura:- We have guidelines and rules that stress that there is no touching and that the client must keep their distance from the cleaner. Neither party are allowed to touch each other. The client can watch and enjoy and relax, but they must abide by the no-touching policy. The cleaner has the right to let the client know if their actions are causing distress in any way.
Nudist UK:- Are the cleaners mainly male or female.
Laura:- The majority of our cleaners are female simply because most of our clients are male.
Nudist UK:- Do you have any female clients?
Laura:- No, we don’t yet have any female clients but we have couples.
Nudist UK:- Really?
Laura:- Yes, we have couples who want a female nude cleaning service, but once we had a request from a couple who wanted a male and female naked couple cleaning service.
Nudist UK:- Surely there has got to be a sexual agenda here?
Laura:- Maybe there is some sort of game in their heads, but that is up to them. There is no touching, no matter what.
Nudist UK:- What if a couple decided to get it on whilst the cleaner was there?
Laura:- That must not happen, there has to be respect for the cleaning service just as if it was a conventional cleaning service.
Nudist UK:- So a million-dollar question then, what if the client directly offered money to one of your cleaners for sexual participation of some sort or a Happy ending?
Laura:- Definitely not, I always stress, no touching and no extras. The client always knows this from the very beginning. I always remind the clients that they cannot touch the cleaners and the cleaners will not touch you. Yes, it’s a higher rate for our clients to pay, but it doesn’t include anything other than cleaning. Plus again I must stress that the cleaners are completely nude, they clean properly, they are not pretending. So the client is getting the benefit of a nice experience and a professional clean for an hour or for however much is paid for. The rates are currently £65 for the first hour and £55 thereafter, which is completely reasonable given what the client is getting. If you compare that to other adult type services, it is good value.
Nudist UK:- Also, it’s not as if your cleaners are setting out to be desired by your clients, if they were, surely they would be wearing sexy lingerie or stockings etc.
Laura:- Absolutely. It’s clothes that sexualise women, and men. Most people who are completely naked are quite unattractive.
Nudist UK:- Agreed, when a clothed lady enters a nudist beach, there is usually a fair bit of interest from the male sunbathers, but as soon as the lady is completely naked, you can see all the men turn their attentions elsewhere.
Laura:- That’s right, we are providing a service within a niche, nothing at all to do with sex, or anything close.
Nudist UK:- Where do you source your naturist cleaners?
Laura:- We have different nationalities and because we are not looking to recruit people from the adult industry like nudist modelling or escorting, we are not looking for bodily perfection, so we are happy to have anyone with any figure, any age.
Nudist UK:- So do some of your clients ever specify a size or shape or ethnicity of the naturist cleaner?
Laura:- Sometimes, but most clients just want a cleaner who is a nudist or naturist. Sometimes they like to specify that the cleaner should be natural and sometimes they prefer shaved in fact these days it’s hard to find females that don’t shave. But in reality I tell the clients and cleaners that we are not here to provide models or bodily perfection. We have a lot of different cleaners of different figures and ages, so we can usually provide what the client is looking for, not for any other reason that it’s better for the client to be viewing a naked cleaner who is more their type. It makes the cleaner and the client more comfortable.
Nudist UK:- How is the business doing?
Laura:- Very well, there is a high demand, I am not aware of any other organisation that offers what we do, so I am proud to say that we are the first organisation in the UK that offers the combination of professional cleaning and nudism.
Nudist UK:- Which term do you prefer, Naturist or Nudist?
Laura:- I don’t mind either term, it’s whatever makes people feel more comfortable, it’s up to them. I think people in general should be respectful of each other’s lifestyle. It’s just amazing that we are all so different, and that’s why our service fulfills that certain niche.Naturists (or Nudists) seem so much more free than clothed, I read an article once that said We are born naked and we die naked.
Nudist UK:- Thank you very much indeed, it has been interesting and inspirational!



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