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Christmas gift for naturist

Top TEN gift ideas for naturists this Christmas!

We know that this year has been a tough one for many, so we wanted to help out and give you some ideas of the best gifts you could ever buy for nature enthusiasts just like us! Here, we have picked out top ten for you to choose from and gift to those nearest and dearest to you!

  1. Buzzyblends Honey

Buzzyblends Honey is one of the UK’s best honey’s! With a variety of different flavours, you’re sure to find one to slather on your toast, add to your porridge or even your tea! From Peppermint, Lemon & Ginger to Cranberries, you’ll fall in love with all of them! These beautifully presented pots of golden deliciousness will make the perfect present for anyone!

Flavoured honey festive flavours. Honey with cranberries, honey with lemon and ginger, honey with chocolate orange.

Use discount code: xmas20 for 20% discount on all products.

Ends: 31st December 2020

2. Nature Prints

Who doesn’t love a nature print? These beautiful, hand crafted gifts are always perfect for any naturist! Ranging in size and shape all the way down to the seasons they capture, they enable you to bring a little slice of nature into your home without taking up too much space! There are a wide variety of artists that create the prints over on sites such as Etsy and Notonthehighstreet, so we highly suggest you take a look and find your favourite!

3. Binoculars

Every nature lover should own a set of Binoculars! Whether you’re an avid bird watcher or someone who just likes to see far off in the distance whilst out on a walk, investing in a good pair of Binoculars will excel your love for nature! We’ve found a great discount at Olympus shop for you to take a look at!

4. Hammock

We can just imagine the hours we could spend lying in one of these! A hammock is probably one of the best investments you could ever make! Imagine, you could be lying between two oak trees, reading a book, listening to nature and just reconnecting with the world around you…sounds like our kind of heaven! There are so many varieties of hammocks available, from freestanding ones, to ones that attach to trees, there are even some that come as a double size so you can snuggle up next to your partner! How cute! We’ve found this one over at deckchairs shop, but do be sure to shop around to find the perfect one for you!

5. Solar Powered Power Bank

This super handy gadget is perfect for anyone who loves going on long walks, hiking or anything that might just drain your battery whilst your away from home! These power banks are purely operated using solar power, so you can charge your devices wherever you are! These are perfect for any budding naturist! We’ve found this one at Robertdyas.

6. Natural Skin Care

What better way to indulge the ones you love than with the gift of beautiful skin? There are so many brands to choose from that you’ll have no trouble finding that perfect one! Natural skin products are a beautiful way to incorporate nature and organic materials into your day to day lives and sourcing the perfect gift box will set you out on a lifelong journey of beautiful skin!

7. Personalised Yoga Mat

As you all know, here at Naturist Cleaners we are massive lovers of yoga! We couldn’t think of a better gift than that of a personalised Yoga Mat! If you take a look at you will find numerous options and the bonus here is that you’re helping a small business during these uncertain times by ordering through them! WIN!

8. Mini Bee House

These tiny little homes are the most precious things we’ve ever seen! If you know of a nature lover who has a soft spot for these buzzy little creatures then a little home for them is the perfect gift! You can attach them to fences or trees and sit back and enjoy watching them from the comfort of your garden!

9. Grow Your own Kits

If you know of someone who is eager to earn their green fingers then a Grow your own kit is perfect! These kits come in a variety of different variations from flowers to fruits and vegetables. These kits are a great gift for individuals and families too because the children can get involved and watch as they grow!

10. Mindfulness Book

Given the year that we’ve had, a mindfulness book is the perfect gift for someone who you’re otherwise struggling to buy for! These little books come filled with affirmations and positive vibes to help you get through tough times. There are so many in the market right now that you’re sure to find one that will help a loved one!

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