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Nude Photography

There is something quite incredible about the naked female body, something to be admired and enjoyed. All women are beautiful in their own way and seeing them in their natural state is something I love to see, a work of art.

It was the pleasure of viewing naked females that led me to take up nude photography five years ago. What a journey it has been, over 5,000 photographs taken at some spectacular and unusual locations and have met some great people on the way.

Its not easy to start after all you are asking a lady to take off their clothes in front of you, a complete stranger. I always give the option of a chaperone attending, its an offer that has never been taken up. I have certainly found with Ladies I have photographed that they are bubbly and vibrant and so easy to get along with which is important for this sort of job.

My first shoot

My first shoot was on the North Yorkshire Moors, in fact on part of the Lyke Wake Walk and the Cleveland Way. Absolutely stunning countryside, we got some great pictures and spectacular views and no one else about, which is what you want but it doesn’t always happen that way. I can remember taking some pictures of a girl in a fairly remote wood, she had just taken everything off and walked away from her clothes as a mountain biker came around the corner. I’m sure he quite enjoyed it, his comment was “I didn’t expect to see anything as nice as that when I set off this morning”. Joking apart it is important to be vigilant as you don’t want to offend anyone.

I have photographed in some amazing locations. A haunted disused church is Lincolnshire is one of the most unusual, I have photographed there many times, sometimes it is quite as a mouse but other times it can be quite lively, I have a picture with a figure stood behind a girl I was photographing, another occasion a model said she felt a hand go all the way down her back, strange noises, feelings of extreme cold, it can be a bit unnerving but the pictures you get there are amazing.

Exploring the countryside

I do enjoy using the scenic North Yorkshire Moors, the rolling moor land where you can go miles without seeing anyone, some great woods and streams which make great backdrops for pictures. Lincolnshire though has a number of unusual places – an old mental hospital, where I once photographed an amazingly brave nude, she climbed wearing just high heels to the top of some pillars, the resulting pictures were quite superb. There are some accessible disused railway tunnels, disused airfields its a great place to take pictures.

I don’t just photograph outdoors, you can get some great pictures at home, examples in the bath, carrying out household chores, its amazing how creative you can be in a front room.


So what is it that makes a lady want to pose naked. Jenny who I have photographed on many occasions said “I like the creativity of what is produced afterwards it shows a person’s personality and feelings. I think posing nude shouts out a lot more than just a picture, it can be so much more expressing It also gives me massive confidence it makes you feel like your a part of a new kind of revolution showing that we are proud of our bodies”. Susie commented “I feel so liberated and my confidence is sky high when I am posing, I love the freedom and the devilment and yes I find it quite erotic to have my body admired”.

There are certainly a lot of Ladies out there who want to be photographed naked and im sure many more who think about it but don’t carry it out. I would say to them give it a go you will love it.



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