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Why Greece Should Be Your First Choice Holiday Destination in 2020

Has 2019 left you feeling drained, exhausted or stressed? Has the weight of your everyday routine and responsibilities dragged you down? January signals a fresh beginning and a chance to start some healthy New Years resolutions. 

One of those new years goals should focus on self-care and discovery. If this is a resolution that you want to get on board with, but you don’t know where to start- we have the solution for you. Book a holiday to Greece this May to kick-start your first steps on improving your life in 2020. 

How To Invest In Yourself. 

If you are suffering with stress, you can take up a few relaxation techniques and hobbies. Invest time into these hobbies in order to invest in yourself. Mindfulness is an incredible mental health tool to try; it involves focusing on the present moment and you learn to let go of the past and to not fret about the future. You can practise body scans and other mindful activities that allow you to be present in the current moment. 

Yoga is another activity that is great not just for the body, but for the soul too. It helps to relax you. In fact, yoga is a great tool to help with self-care and self-discovery. You should strive to do both of these things regularly in order to boost your mood and soul. 

Going on holiday is another way you can invest in yourself. Spend some time exploring the World, relaxing and going on great adventures. Holidays really help to boost your mood, mental health and wellbeing as you treat yourself to some time out from the everyday stresses and routine of normal life. Read on to find out why you should be booking a holiday to Greece this year. 

Practising naturism helps to boost body positivity. Read our blog post here to find out more about ways in which you can help boost your body positivity. 

Why Greece Is The Destination For You. 

If stress is bringing you down and you want to put some time into investing in yourself, Greece should be on your destination list for 2020. We have an incredible opportunity to help boost your wellbeing and help to combat that stress you may be enduring every day. So, why Greece?

Visit the birthplace of democracy, learn about the incredible philosophers and marvel at the beautiful art and marble that has been created in Greece. The stunning serene country offers delightful tastes to tantalise your taste buds, with mouth watering olives, feta cheese and honey being just a few of the incredible flavours for you to enjoy. 

Take time out to visit the ancient sun-bleached ruins. Soak up the sunshine, as this country lives in the Mediterranean. Use this holiday as a chance to be mindful. 

Take advantage of our incredible offer; to book time in Greece on our self-care retreat this May. Taking place in The Naturist Angel Club Hotel, the resort boasts of a swimming pool, pool bar, Jacuzzi, bar, breakfast room, TV and games room and various other services. It has a perfect location; being only 20 minutes from Old and New Rhodes Town. The hotel, located in Rhodes Island even has the naturist beach, Faliraki beach, nearby which you can enjoy. 

The hotel is family friendly and allows freedom to explore becoming one with nature. The Naturist Angel Club Hotel is paradise, providing a relaxing place, which helps you to ground you. The hotel welcomes naturism with their open policy in place from dawn till dusk. 

We have organised the retreat so that you can enjoy the incredible setting of the hotel, with all of its leisure facilities. With a serene and beautiful setting, this is the perfect place to host a retreat that can help boost your soul. The activities we have arranged will be those to help boost body positivity, encourage you to connect with nature and soothe your soul and most of all, to help combat and alleviate stress from your life. 

What are you waiting for? Make Greece your first choice holiday destination in 2020. Don’t let stress take over your life, invest time into you. This is one holiday you do not want to miss. Whether you actively practise naturism, or not, this is essential for your soul. 

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